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PES6 may have Shooting Problems


Reaching for Glory
1 October 2006
Liverpool, England
I'm back, all I can say as well as getting PES6.

The point is that when I run and play like I would in PES5, pass around and I don't know if it's me on this but is it harder to score further out?

Haven't been playing pro evo for a while, just find that sometimes they drag the ball back and face with their back to goal and shoot which misses and sometimes from having a go without turning it misses then too, I reckon the players stats had too much reduction.

Is it just me or does this happen to most people?


I think it's easier to shoot from range. I start pressing square when my players foot is far away from the ball, therefore its easier to judge the power meter. Using this method you get a low hard shot. I've scored some crackers like this.
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