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Pes6 online: Free Will or Determination



I began playing pes6 online a couple of days ago, I've got some questions:

- Do all human players play the same style (like level 5 pc)?
- Is tactics the most important thing in pes6?
- Are crosses forbidden?

I've yet to see someone who can actually plays to have some fun: crosses, headers, manual passes, etc. It's always the same old mechanical PES - no fun at all! It is not a matter of winning or losing, I just want to have some fun playing against a guy who actually has a football style of his own.

I accept that there are guys who want to win at all costs. But I want to find PES players who feel like I do - maybe we can have some fun and learn new tricks from each other. And perhaps score goals that don't result from 3 or 4 rebounds.

Thank You,
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Carl Hooper

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1 April 2007
Western Australia
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Mate, I understand. Some people have pleasure in just "Winning". Not even trying to have a good contest - I've experienced this with other games (Brian Lara 2007).

I would challenge you but I need to get a Ethernet cable first.


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30 April 2006
you could argue that the problem is the game- it should not pay to always run in from the touch line for an easy cut back goal!!
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