PES6 Shite Bugs


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8 August 2004

Like others said, pes6 is getting too easy and its getting annoyed too. I play online and mostly with friends. Friend of mine always uses Chelsea. I get frikkin' annoyed when uses cutbacks, but now I have noticed another "bug" I dont know if this one is already mentioned before.

He uses Ballack as AMF in the centre and drogba and sheva as 2 CF. Whenever he passes the ball to the flanks he stops before entering the penalty box passes it with Phillips (right) or Robben (left) to Ballack and shoots directly in the opposite direction(while turning to make the shot) onto goal and its 99,9% a goal. This only works with Ballack, whether he shoots with his right or left foot, its always a goal. I tried to pull this of with other players, no result.

Other things is when going 1 on 1 with the keeper, when u press :square: + :x: the keeper always starts diving and you have a clear way to goal, this was not the case when playing pes 5.

So far I know these 2 shit bugs, are there any other bugs you've experienced playing Pes6?


Winning eleven 10 was shit, the keepers were murder.


12 August 2003
Konami totally ruined the game with those shit cutbacks, I got sick of it. There are so many noobs who can only score that way and they think they are the best. You play much better than them through the whole entire match but they score those annoying goals and win. You get to see the same goal over and over again in one match.
The most annoying thing is a cutbacker who uses Inter. You can slide tackle Adriano or Ibrahimovic 3 times in a row and they won't fall... come on Konami... I just don't get why they made this game like that.
Let's just hope pes7 will be a much better game.


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3 July 2003
I am very reluctant to purchase any future copy.Think about it...............

Inter have won the league so in Seabass's mind they are now truly unstoppable but he MUST be made aware of how shit Adriano is.

Materazzi has scored more than him this season FACT!!!
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