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15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
After lots of twiddling and messing around with vsynch, refresh rate and driver settings I finally got PES6 working great on my PC (P4 2.53Ghz, 1Gb DDR333, Radeon 9500 using Omega Drivers to make it 9700 Pro).

I played a full match, it was fast, crisp, perfect in fact....then I go to "Play 2nd Leg" and the next game is crawling so slow the camera is actually judddering as it tried to play - yet it`s the same teams - I just bloody played with them!

So, I can play the first game when I boot PES6 perfectly, any sibsequent game, whether a "Play 2nd Leg" or back to main menu and start another gameplays like utter shite :(

I`ve tried all resolutions from 1024x768 - 1920x1080.
Strangely 1920x1080 gives the nest results but crashes my PC after 1 game, any other res gives me the judders after 1 game - even though that first game is sublime in its perfection!

Any ideas?


17 December 2003
Olympique de Marseille
Hi rikman,
Maybe you must clean up the inside of your PC.
Sometimes the graphic cards as yours become hot because of the dust, and it takes 1 or 2 games to slow your PC.
Sorry for my bad english, Ihope it'll help you.


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Thanks for thre reply - much appreciated :)

However, I have cleaned my system thouroughly (physically), evenrythign is fine. I have also used a fresh 60Gb drive with XP and Drivers and Pro Evo and it is still the same, so I am unsure as to what the issue could be.


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
OK, I seem to have narrowed down the problem.
I`m using a fresh install with just PES6 and OS drivers, with Evo Patch 1.3.

With VSync off, the game plays perfectly speed wise, there us just the horrible jaggy line on scrolling, but each game is quick, and no slowdowns, can play through ML no problem.

When I turn VSync on, the first game is perfect, fast, smooth and the jaggy line has gone also.
However, the second game chugs like a son-o-bitch and is unplayable - doesn`t matter if it`s in ML or friendly or anything. there a bug with VSync?
Anyone had any similar problems?

Using ATI Radeon 9500 with Omega Drivers (hacked to make it 9700), and have tried official and normal Omega drivers and all combinations in between - the link is definateky having VSync enabled or disabled.

Hope someone can help!


28 August 2006
Hi, ive got a similar setup to you and radeon 9550. I used omega drivers and was having same problems. However, If you go to direct 3D settings, then additional in your ATI Tray Tools and move the Texture LOD adjustment slider to the right it makes a big difference in FPS without losing to much detail. I got mine set at 3 and it runs smooth as fcuk with high detail on 1024x768 res. The only difference ive noticed is the goal net textures on a couple of stadiums.

Try it, it might help.


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18 June 2006
the problem is Ati cards do not work with pes6 they are nopt compitable alot of people have the same problem!


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15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
I solved this problem the expensive way - I got a brand new NVidia 7950GT 512Mb.
I now run PES6 on my 42" LCD with everything on high in settings and in lodmixer, in 1920x1080 resolution, with vsync on and AA and AF on full, and 2 360 pads with a wireless receiver - and the game works perfectly.

Looks amazing with the patch installed, and my games all play fast in 1920x1080 with everything n full (TOCA3 looks feckin amazing)- its the best cash I ever spent, and has saved me having to get an entire new Core2Duo machine with new Motherboard, CPU, RAM etc

One word: Awesome :D
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Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
I bought one of those and it's never worked. All the 3D graphics turn into spike-balls after a few seconds, I've never been able to fix it (tried everything, tons of different sets of drivers, a reformat, everything). I wonder why some work and some just don't want to know...


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
I`m using the drivers off the CD, although I am thinking of having a look at the Omega drivers - but if it aint broke why try fix it, right?

I doubt its the gfx card that is causing your problems - especially if it`s new.
Check your RAM, CPU temps and installed drivers etc - make sure all the old ones are deleted fully before putting new ones on etc.
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