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PES6 USA i cant wait for!

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20 October 2006
holy i cant wait for playing this amazing game....i just ready it for cant playing cause this stupid uk only so i am disgusted lol

i really hope it come to playing this game, cause i cant playing the stupid fifa's game lol



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9 May 2003
I feel sorry for ppl living here in america who actually wait for the same PES game when its so easy to disk swap etc.
true man, i remember my first "modded" ps2. I had the swap disk method with the flip disk case. It was such a Peice of shit. Then i bought a brand new one ps2, premodded with a chip, a day before i got it in the mail, i figured out the PS2 hard drive. I wasted $225 on that chipped ps2, when all i had to spend was probalby $120 to add a hard drive to my existing one. However i will never forget the feeling of playing my first japanese winning eleven on the ps2 that I modded myself. Very satisfying. I think it was WE7.


I feel sorry for ppl living here in america who actually wait for the same PES game when its so easy to disk swap etc.

Hey matey excuse my ignorance...you mean you can use a Pal one in a Ntsc machine by utilising this technique?

Pls help the non-enlightened ones like me!! :roll:

Thx a million,



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30 December 2001
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Easiest and cheapest way is to get swap disk and new cover for the new slim PS2 or if you have the old PS2 remove the cover on the disk drive and use the slide card and swap disk techniques.

Winning eleven games work on NTSC
Pro evolution soccer games have NTSC/Pal selection at the beginning

This page has all the pictures and guides you need.


PS2 surely - but we dont have much of a choice when it comes to the 360. So I'm playing the PC version - suits me well.
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