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Pes6 VS Pes4 - help me doing this!


League 2
15 July 2004
I tried PES6.
The game, of course, is great (I'm usually playing a patched version of Jleague WE10 for PS2) but the online sucks.

I mean, compared to the awesome PES4 direct ip system, this one with server is sooooo slow.

I have not played a match without lag till now.
And getting the right people, with PES4, it was pretty common to play as I was near to my opponent (no lag at all).

For these reasons, I'm thinkin to go back to PES4 and give it a chance. I know the game is not as good as the new one, but i think that no-lag is more important than graphics/gamplay.

Do you know if there is a way to convert the OPTION FILE to PES4?
I'd like to play with UPDATED ROSTERS.

Thanks for help.


I would also appreciate a PES4 patch, I installed it today and gave it a go and I have to say "WTF KONAMI?! IT'S ALMOST THE SAME AS PES6!"
In fact, I think it is better, PES6 is like PES4 with a very bad gameplay patch, like in PES4 it is hard to belt the ball 100m over the bar, in PES6 it happens almost every shot.
You get a lot more enjoyment from scoring a goal and winning a game than in PES6, because you earned it.

So yeah, I ask the same question.
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