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PES6 will nly recognise one controller?



I have played loads with 2 USB Logitech controllers attched to my PC.

PES6 installes and works fine but will only recognise one controller at a time - which spoils the fun :-(. We can't play each other any more!

Anyone met this or solved it?


26 April 2006
Have you configured the second pad in the start menu? You can't do it in-game like on PES5.

Instead of starting the game by doubleclicking the shortcut, go to Start>My Computer, then doubleclick the icon to get the start menu up, click settings and configure the second pad in there.

Hope this helps you mate..


i have the same problem to, seems to work ok in game controllers settings on windows but not in the game,


16 July 2006
I have 2 controllers set up and find that each time I unplug the second one pro evo seems to forget it, so each time you want a two player game you have to go into settings and configure the 2nd controller before you load the pes6.exe it should work fine then. It's just annoying you have to do it every time you load the game up.
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