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PES7 - Fully licenced confirmed?

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18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool
According to retail store Game, the next Pro Evo (pro evolution soccer 7) has finally cancelled out Fifa's trump card - Licences.

"The store manager showed me the document which they received to push pre orders, showing information on the biggest games upcoming in 2007.

Among reading through i come to Pro Evo and the following was on there, All international teams fully licenced, F.A premier League licence, German League licence and international cup competitions licenced.

It also stated the it was to be released on Wii, PSP, DS, 360, ps2, PC and PS3. Strangely the PS3 version was listed as Pro Evolution Soccer 7 '1st team edition' and had alot more features and modes listed than any other version.

Source: http://n4g.com/NewsCom-40051.aspx#Comments

Don't know the validity of all this but so don't shoot the messenger.
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