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----- pes7 on play station 2 ????


17 March 2007
pes 7 will come out to playstation 2 or is just for play station 3???


League 1
3 November 2006
but the PS3 version will be mutch better ofcourse!! HD graphics etc.


League 2
20 April 2007
There are rumors (reliable) that a new version of "J-League+Europe" will come out
here in August.


Sorry, there was some mistakes.
Its not going to be J-League+Europe.
Its going to be "World Soccer Winning Eleven".
So for example like, Winning Eleven 9 or Winning Eleven 10. (Which means there are going to be National Teams instead of J League)
And there are also rumors that the PS2 and PS3 version are going to come out at the
same time.
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iPs ;D
4 May 2005
will be perfect if comes a new version of J-League+Europe..
better if contains South-American League!! ;D
with TOYOTA Cup "Libertadores".. ;D
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