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1 April 2005
I totally hate PES6! Many hate it on Xbox 360 but I think it is just as terrible on PS2! It is by far the worst konami football game i have ever played! I am so angry inside when I think of how the hell konami managed to mess up the game. I really annoys me that I will have to wait until October to see if Konami can puts things right and back to what they once were. Out of all PES/WE games, my favourites were PES3, WE8: Liveware Evolution & PES5! WE10 & PES6 have totally ruined it for me! I know that konami will not even care or take notice of anything I am saying but I am just so angry that I really need a good rant! Here is some things that I feel need sorted for the next PES game:

* Better Goalkeepers - The first reason that I ever played the ISS series back in the day was because I loved the fact that the goalkeepers were so hard to beat. I always enjoyed the challenge and it kept the games at a realistic normally quite low score in contrast to the constant 6-6 scorelines in PES6. I really like the idea of super keepers. The keepers in PES6 have hideous positioning, handling, shotstopping, decision making, etc. They are also far too slow to get off their line when holding :triangle: . I quite liked the way you could use the keeper like a sweeper properly in PES1.

* Better defending - I am the type of player who really enjoys good defending and in all previous PES games, my success was based on very solid defending coupled with good counter attacking. however, the defending in PES6 is total crap and it is far too hard. I really liked PES5 as defending was alot better. To me if konami want to make the game challenging, they should worry more about making it hard to attack and breakdown the defence rather than making it hard to defend and stop conceding goals. That way the game will have realistic scorelines on a consistent basis.

* Better shooting - To me the shooting in PES6 is very poor. I just really dont like it at all. The shots just dont look and feel normal and realistic. I preferred the shooting in WE8: Liveware Evolution. Its kinda hard for me to describe why I dont like the shooting but i just think its very poor.

* Less long distance goals - To me this is a major problem. It is just far to easy to not bother trying to break down your opponent and instead just score a blast from long distance. In PES6 it feels almost like cheating as its just so easy. It should maybe only happen once or at most twice in a match. I think it may have been more realistic in PES3 & WE8: Liveware Evolution.

* Better Chip shots - It is far too hard to score a lob in PES6 and when you do score its normally very poor looking. I do feel that it was far too easy in PES3 but i would still rather have that than PES6. It is near enough impossible to score a little close range dink over the keeper. The chip shot was quite good in PES1 & PES2!

* Better crossing - The crossing in PES6 is the most poor of any PES game i have ever played. The crosses are never accurately placed and it is not helped by the fact that there is hardly ever anybody already in the box waiting for a cross. Crossing was good in PES3. The long ball :l1: +:circle: was very effective and very good in PES3!

* Better heading - Heading is total tosh in PES6. There is hardly ever a bullet header and most of them are just slow, inaccurate floppy headers that float miles over the bar. Heading was much better in previous versions.

* Super Cancel - I personally feel that something has changed i PES6 with super-cancel. It just seems so much slower in less responsive and I thought that it was pretty much perfect in PES5!

* Better net physics - They should just look alot more cooler and I really hope they remove the stupid looking animation where the ball hits the net and flys the whole way back out and past the penalty spot. That animation is stupid looking!

* Better referee decisions - There are too many occasions in PES6 where there are obvious fouls that go unnoticed. There was not alot wrong with refs in PES5 so why change it? Too many times there are sendings off even when the ball was won first.

* Improved passing - I hat the passing in PES6. It is far too slow and normally quite innacurate. Far too often players just wait for the ball to reach them and then they are tackled. And far too often you cannot pass the ball to the player you intended to. One-two's are really weak and just so ineffective. They should have been left alone. Also the through ball passing is shite. Both low and high through balls are normally innacurate and poorly weighted. The through balls was very good in PES1 & PES4 and they should go back to that.

* There should be more tactical options. I dont really like that fact that in PES6 konami have given you too much help with the tactics. To me the should be far more emphasis on tactics and tactics should be key in deciding who wins a game as opposed to luck. I dont like the fact that in PES6 konami removed the counter attack & zone press option from the A/B/C team strategy settings menu.

* Free kicks are far too hard to score from. It seems to be the only time in the game where the keepers are good although a little too good. Freekicks should go back to the way they were. Even in WE10 they were better but they were really good in previous versions.

* Corner kicks - Should be more of a chance. Winning a corner kick should be a good thing instead of in PES6 were you know it is not really a goalscoring chance and very little will come of it unless you are lucky. Corners were good in PEs3 & PEs4 & WE9.

* The d-pad - I know for a fact that PES6 favours the analogue sticks. I have tested shooting with both and there is far more curl and a better shot with the analogue stick compared to the d-pad and the same is evident for free kicks were i get very little curl on the ball if any with the d-pad.

* A.I of team mates - PES6 has some of the most stupid teammate A.I ever. Your teammates never make intelligent runs or get themselves into intelling good areas. Also there is a major glitch with the wing backs in PES6 as they never stay in their position and are constantly too high up the field or else tucked in too much and basically playing like a centre back. Get it sorted konami!

* Volleys - Volleys are far too difficult and far too innacurate on PES6! They were quite good in WE8:Liveware Evolution and they need to be sorted. I am not saying that you should be scoring any more than two volleys per game but you should at least be able to get a decent volley on target or work the keeper more consistently.

* Tricks/Skills - This is one area that has always been weak in every PES game. I think that the skills and tricks should be much more effective and actually tie in with the creation of a goal. For example, what is the point of a step-over in PES games as it doesnt actually fool the opponent and the animation doesn't even involve a dummy or going one way and then another direction to fool the defender. Instead, the game just makes you run in a straight line stepping you foot over the ball and waiting to lose possesion.

* Pace - for me it is pointless having a player with pace in PES6 as you cannot tell a real difference. Many a time a maldini will catch a cristiano ronaldo in pes6 which is just wrong. In PES2 & WE9 the pace difference was good and actually noticeable as with Henry you could easily run past slow defenders and was much more realistic compared to what now feels like magnetics defenders sticking to you when you have taken it past them.

* Strange touches - There are far too many occasions when my player magically runs or touches the ball in a totally opposite direction from what I am pressing o my controller and many times the players have such hideous first touches and the chest control is appauling.

I know this is a long rant but there is probably still alot more suggestions that I would have for konami! I will really expect alot of things to be ironed out now on the next-gen version or else i may totally give up on PES/WE! I will never play PES6 again as it is just far too painful to play and gets me too angry at the thoughts of how such problems did not exist in previous versions!


I liked how you could change your kit on PES5, i.e. Home shirt with away shorts - it was good to avoid colour clashes


League 2
1 April 2005
Yeah i liked that also but for some reason konami didnt bother! PES6 is a bloody disgrace to the series and it angers me that konami probably dont realise how poor it is and that means that they will probably keep PES7 very similar to PES6 as they have grown lazy! Konami will just look at the game sales of PES6 and automatically assume that the game is a success! For me it is just complete load of rubbish! I am a veteran of ISS/PES/WE and I have never felt that a footy game was so poor! I was told that konami dont actually research forums like evo-web or pesfan or pesgaming so that makes me ask myself, how the hell will they get feedback and know what problems there are with the game? That is just extremely stupid that they dont have researchers on forums like this one! Konami are very lazy and to be honest after playing WE10 & PES6 I have lost alot of faith in their abilities and I have serious doubts if i will enjoy the next PES game. It may be the first time that I will just wait until a mate gets the game as opposed to wasting my money like i have done with PES6! Never in my life has a video game angered me this much but i am at odds to figure out how konami could get it soo wrong with PES6 and then they do not even research to find out what people really think about it!


Agree about the research aspect, they should certainly be on here checking what the public want!

Nick Cave

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10 July 2004
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Wrexham AFC
Another year another sideways step.... here is a novel idea Konami release a new game!! been paying full wack (not for Pes6 and onwards)for the same game in all it's tweaked variants... money for old rope comes to mind... put some graft into the thing.
Someone at Konami must be laughing all the way to the bank and I can't help but think Seabass is too!!


5 August 2005
I understand what you're saying about the progression of the game. The funniest thing of all is that the game is even called Pro 'Evolution' Soccer. Evolution is the natural progression, and improvement of something through necessity.

In my opinion, having played the games through from the N64 days, Konami should be adding to the game with each release, not taking backward steps.

Now I appreciate that they have pretty much reached the limit graphically, with the PS2 at least, but they now have exciting new consoles to develop what should arguably be the best versions of the game so far. I was very unimpressed with the Xbox 360 version. With it's lack of editing, and other features, it just felt very rushed. If I was an Xbox 360 owner I doubt I would have kept the game, and would probably have considered the unthinkable and traded it in for FIFA 07, as it is a proper game, with the polished feel that we expect from EA.

I have to agree with the point raised by Strongbow above, with the removal of the kit element selection. That was a really nice touch, and added to the game. When I played my first game on PES6 I was amazed that this has been removed. Now I don't pretend to be a games programmer, but surely it would have been easier to leave that in, than go through the trouble of removing it.

I could go on, but I don't want to seem ungrateful for a game that has kept me entertained for years, but if Konami aren't careful, they could start to see that their loyal followers of the series look elsewhere.


21 October 2002
Man Utd
I completely agree with all the points especially as to how in the earlier versions the game was more about trying to break teams down and earning a good victory as opposed to today where the target seems to be to avoid conceding more than 5 goals a game.
People will say the now you have to learn how to defend again, well if thats the case then the same should apply to attacking and not make it so damn easy as it is now.
The balance is far too tilted towards attacking. I could play the game from the PS1 and early PS2 days every day with friends and have consistently great tactical games where a single goal in the game could nick it yet nowadays everyone has lost interest because of the fact that its a lot less rewarding.
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22 February 2004
califas norte
i'm in the minority in saying that i like playing PES6 on the PS2. 2 to 3 games a day, no more, no less, and not everyday, keeps my interest piqued.

in a 3rd season of ML, and just lovin' the fluidity and teamwork of my team, which isn't often, but that's good. many beautiful matches won, and lost.


League 2
1 April 2005
I finally had a realistic mach with a mate the other day! We played a 30 minute match in which i lost 1-0. But i was not annoyed as it seemed very realistic. The problem though is that I played an ridiculously extreme defensive formation and that is the only reason for lack of goals. Its a pitty that i needed to play completely defensive to have a game with such a realistic scorline after a 30 minute match. This type of scoreline is far too rare in PES6 and i agree totally with knh4 above!


Hey we need more guys like u people who can voice out and back it up with fact personally from very first day I play the PES6 I knew they have fuck up. Hopefully they will get it rite with the PES7.

Professor Nutmeg

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3 July 2002
Master League
Here's a suggestion for Nokami.

- Pay attention to European football and how it works! I feel i've put up with the idiosyncrasies for far too long now.

- Sort out the ridiculous, niggly, frustrating things which have been plaguing the series throughout. You know exactly what i mean.

If you ask me, those two things incorporate everything that is wrong with PES thus far. I couldn't give a stuff about "hair that moves," honestly.


28 September 2006
I'd love to have "hair that moves" personally as my hairline's been receeding for years! Probably from too much waiting for better PES:shock: :lmao:

Do you think waiting for better pes is like waiting for better sex? Like you should appreciate what you have NOW, rather than what you could have later?\\:o/
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25 March 2007
does anyone know where i can find the player consistancy stat...not in the game but any sites???


Champions League
23 February 2004
think they need to concentrate on other aspects apart from gameplay

1) get rid of the stupid banners "who at all the pies", this makes the game look so amateurish

2) beef the crowd FX up, actual football chants...generics one's anything apart from what they have now

3) if konami actually looked at EA's attempt with FIFA 07, gameplay aside they would realise they are sadly lacking in this department of overall presentation

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Here's a suggestion for Nokami.

- Pay attention to European football and how it works! I feel i've put up with the idiosyncrasies for far too long now.

- Sort out the ridiculous, niggly, frustrating things which have been plaguing the series throughout. You know exactly what i mean.

If you ask me, those two things incorporate everything that is wrong with PES thus far. I couldn't give a stuff about "hair that moves," honestly.
If only there were more Professor Nutmegs and less David Beckhams. Unfortunately it only takes two minutes browsing around EA's "suggestion forum" to realise that the priority of 99% of the game-buying public is "hair that moves, grass that moves, boots that shine, scoreboards that update in the stadiums, birds flying across the sky", and if you go to the 50th page in the forum you find one post saying "am I the only one who wants to see better gameplay?"

Thing is though, even if the next PES is the same apart from moving hair and shiny boots, it will still sell millions of copies, and the guys who wanted to see the improved gameplay will go "oh well" and play it anyway, which results in PES being the same core game for the next few years.

But, oh well.


12 August 2003
The most annoying things for me in pes6 are Adriano, Ibrahimovic and cutbacks. Of course there more which u already mentioned.

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
Non football league waste land...
Wrexham AFC
It never fails to amaze the way no one can bring out a well rounded product, It's as if they sit down and think about how not to do it right and if they do come up with something good to add to the title they have to pull something else out or alter something that works to start with and turn it into a pile of crap!! It's like a Picasso of football, at some angles it works and some see the beauty, others just see a weird bird with both eyes on the same side of her head!

I don't feel like I have bought a new PES or WE title for quite some time instead I've got some crappy time share, where it's always the same when I go but someone has filled part of the pool in, the next apartment is still half finished and there are two new foreign families in there.. oh, but they have painted the walls and fitted new blinds.. but the blinds no longer open.

yes I'm on drugs and getting therapy for it..:-s


13 December 2005
Realistic "look" of the game

1) Player reactions:

You should look at the game and know who's winning and who's losing. The following should occur during the actual in-game gameplay, and not only at pauses/cutscenes.

- The losing team has more nervous, jerky reactions.
- They turn their heads more often and keep looking around them.
- They wave gestures all the time, like pointing at recieving positions, at attackers on the loose...etc
- They express deeper remorse on balls that go outside, lost chances...etc.
- Passing and shooting animations are made to look a bit more clumsy, and incoordinated.
- All these reactions (gestures, head turning, regret reactions) have different grades that become more intense with each difference in goals.

- The winning team also has reactions, only they are calm, steady, and confident.
- The head turning is less acute.
- Their gestures are calm, just as a brief overhead "clap", a "stay there" wave with the palm of the hand...etc.
- Lost chances are accompanied with smiling "oh well" reactions. And are dealt with in a much "cooler" way.
- Passing and shooting animations appear to "look" more balanced and in control.
- Show-off animations may be used more often, as in recieving a ball.
- All these reactions (gestures, head turning, cool reactions) have different grades that become more calm, confident and cheerful with each winning difference in goals.

Equalizing/Winning goals should show far more intense celebrations and commentaries.

NB - These gestures and animations should not affect the gameplay, only give a realistic look to the game, and provide an atmosphere overhaul by making the players more "human".

2) Camera:

A zoomed out, higher camera that remains stationary i.e. does not move inwards with the ball, so as not to ruin the sense of 3D depth seen on real TV soccer games. That way, players on the far side of the pitch appear slightly smaller. And the ball's size changes as it moves accross from the near end to the far end of the pitch.

Basic moves:

In EA's latest crappy UEFA game, even they realized the thru pass button should be pressure sensitive. The longer it is pressed, the farther away the ball is sent. Imagine the possibilities. You can decieve an entire defense if the thru ball is sent far enough.

I'd also like to see a "double-R1" move performed right before recieving a ball that makes the player allow the ball pass through his own legs as he turns around and recieves it. Very handy tool. (present in Fifa)

Pressing "O" while passing should add some height to the pass according to the duration it was pressed. Because now the only options are "ground pass", and "lob".


Continuing the "animations" suggestions, I'd like to see different animations for the same move in different situations. Like dribbling.

When a defender is dribbling on a wide area with no pressure around at all, his body is rather straight, his arms beside him, and generally appears more calm and subtle.

However, when a midfielder is attempting to penetrate many opposing players, he takes a more guarded stance, with a rather arched body and cautious arm gestures. And between these 2 animations are many other grades for less intense situations.

This would make the players seem much more alive.

Also a wing player running with someone on his trail should appear to be putting more effort in his run and constantly checking behind his back, at a rate according to his team's winning/losing status (see nervousness setting above)

And a MUCH wider pitch, please. Konami, just watch TV every once in a while.


Free Kicks:

The ability to train my players on a certain play that could cause the opposing wall to jump earlier, late, or send the ball to a position where the wall is rather ineffective. After good training, the play could be saved and used later in real matches.



An Overhaul is indispensible. Remove the ugly fonts and menus. PLEASE.

Just look at how EA's UEFA has the European continent zoomed out as a menu, then they zoom into the stadium right before the match from the menu!
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