PESX PC - No Sound Issue


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3 January 2006
hi lads

maybe i wrote on this forum a while ago, but still have no soultion for my problem

there is absolutley no sound for any of my pes games, i tried pes3, pes4, pes5, pes6. the situation started more than a year ago after i reinstalled my windows xp, before that pes sounds worked perfectly.

i guess i tried everything except for the windows reinstall which i still don't want to do. these are:
- checking the sound settings ingame :) (sounds silly, but some guys could solve their similar-like problem this way)
- latest sound card driver (i have an integrated sound card, so latest nforce2 drivers installed)
- latest directx
- adx codec

the only sound i can hear in any pes games is the sound of the intro. any other things in the windows works perfectly, movies, other games, music have sound.

i would really appriciate any suggestions if you have any ideas!
thanks in advance



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6 August 2005
I know its a long shot,since Konami's customer support is legendarily crap but have you tried contacting them?
Just to see if its a known issue.
It seems to me to be a software problem since your sound obviously works on other things.
Fail in that and i really don't have a clue,sorry.


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3 January 2006

thx for replying guys

falastine: the stars of commentary indicates the "density" of the commentar, how many events peter brackley will cover. i guess you thought about the ingame sound settings, they are on top. so i tried it, thanks anyway.

johnj201: yeah thats might be a good idea, but since i had sound on the last windows install for any pes games, my sound system must be compatible with konami games, or at least it was, so i didn't contact them. but i really was really happy that someone finally adviced something, thank you!


4 February 2006
The readme document mentions decreasing sound hardware acceleration to 'basic' or 'none', and since doing this I have noticed an improvement. I wouldn't recommend selecting 'none' as the sound quality was noticeably worse, but to my ears 'basic' doesn't sound bad at all.

I never had a problem where I heard no sound at all, but I had delayed sounds, sometimes building up so that you would hear the last 5 or 6 kicks of the ball in a short burst.

To decrease the hardware acceleration click Start > Run, type 'dxdiag' into the box and click OK. This will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click the 'sound' tab and move the slider at the bottom to 'basic'. This should solve your problems.


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3 January 2006
hi Wowlman
thank you for you advice. it should solve, but unfortunately it doesn't :( i tried it before
thank you for that anyway! regards
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