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PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 3?)


5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
Re: PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 2)

The World Record on that track is not in the Aerial Atom though, so we can't really go by that. I managed a 41.84 earlier with the Atom, but for some reason it didn't submit it on the leaderboard


11 November 2001
Re: PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 2)

Yeah that record is for the entire A-Class, shame they don't let you split it up further. I checked the first 3/4 pages and it's all F50GTs, couldn't be arsed scrolling down any further to find the first Atom time.

Dunno what you did Flawless, just tested it there mine is showing up fine. Stupid questions but are you in Playtime/Race Against The Clock modes, and did you make sure you clicked End Session instead of abandon or whatever the other option is?

00.40.30 btw.

Kenny M

Re: PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 2)

ClassicD said:
Nah that'll do fine, be able to get lots of attempts in too by the look of that time. We'll say Monday 9am again, one day less this week so maybe someone else will suggest a new track/car by the deadline next time!

Well done Kenny btw, great time.

First post updated.
cheers danny boy.

i'll take a look at this new lap later.


Bungie's Bitch
28 August 2002
Re: PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 2)

40.xx I can't remember the exact time, sorry. I know I am fractionally behind Dan though. There is definate time to be had, a mid 39secs shoud be possible I reckon.


18 January 2003
Aberdeen Scotland
Re: PGR3 Hot Lap Madness (Week 2)

My 360 has arrived at last and the hd cable was delivered today so ill take a crack at these times tonight, look forward to playing you all soon.

Ok 43.99 so far.
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