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Pitch Shimmering



Anyway to stop this from happening.. I heard that it can be helped with Reefur's patch but is that for WE8 only or PES4?

I'm currently using the Wolf patch for my game at the moment.



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In my bouts with patching my own grasses i found that certain textures are TOO textured to be in the game even. Shimmering happens most during day fine matches and then you have night which "sometimes" becomes a bit reflective as well, but mostly day and fine. Why/ simply becasue day/fine has an added bump map put in to reflect the sunlight off off, you know light and dark spots on the pitch/feild. in any case i found a good way to reduce it was to actually adh=juct the contrast of your pitch texture either within teh editor or outside in photoshop. basically you WANT a cloudy texture in there. even watching games on tv hs a more fluffy/unclear grass. so try this it works for me. ohh and to fully get rid of it i would make the bump map for day and fine the same as the pitch texture except black and white


Thanks for that, although I don't know how to use photoshop or the editor and it would be much appreciated if anyone could give me their files or edit files for me :)
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