Kenny G

Stuck in the 80's
1 January 2003
Bangkok, TH
Southend United, PORT FC
Just received my copy of PES5 at work this morning. I haven't installed it yet but I am already a little concerned as the game was not sellophane wrapped so could have possible already been opened by someone. I can't recall anything (CD's, Games, DVD's) I've ordered from them not coming wrapped.

I will report back on how I get on when I goto enter the serial number tonight....

Kenny G

Stuck in the 80's
1 January 2003
Bangkok, TH
Southend United, PORT FC
Wheeeeeeen the ball hits the goal, it's not Shearer or Cole, it's Lee Boylan!
No, It's Freddy Eastwood :-)

I went onto the pes5 website at lunch and entered my serial number and it seems to be ok. I'll see how it goes when I install.


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7 August 2004
I really hope versions of the PC game from there aren't used, because I just this minute ordered the game pretty much ENTIRELY for online play. Otherwise I'd of just stuck with my PS2 version.


19 September 2003
I'm currently working in a retail store stock room to help out a friend ATM and I can tell you that they're all being shipped to stores straight from the UK distributer unwrapped. I assume it was something to do with the serial numbers because some earlier delivered sealed ones had to be returned before release day.

Oh and my PC version from play and a friends PS2 version from Gameplay both came unwrapped as well.


11 August 2003
Welwyn Garden
Exeter City
Hiya peeps i work in part-time in game, have to do something to earn money at uni.

But i can confirm the pc version of pes should arrive unsealed, as in our delivery everyone one we recieved was unsealed.


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15 July 2004
Arsenal "the gunners"
I ordered 4 copies of PES5 from and they all arrived witohout cellophane but they all work on-line.
I was a little worried about someone copying my serial number too :) but it' s all okay.
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