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play in PC with SONY PLS joystick's



i have a question friends ...

if i buy 2 sony joysticks for my pc can i play with my brother 1 on 1 in one pc maybe you know what i'm saying .... thanx


12 December 2001
Sony does not produce PC joypads, so you'll either be going to need an adapter for using Sony's Playstation 2 joypads or buy some other brand which is specifically made for PC games, like Logitech, for example.


I found a 2 x PS2 controller to PC USB adaptor on Ebay, was little sceptical at first, but works a treat, very cheap, and supports analogue + vibration. Look around for best price, mine looks like this : http://snipurl.com/1agn5.

Hope this is what you was after.
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