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Player celebrations...


22 May 2006
Is there a Eric Cantona/Ego celebration (you know when he turned around after lobbing the keeper) after a player scores?

I have not seen it in the edit celebrations list (got the machine guns, back flips and all that...), but read somewhere it is unlockable/hidden in the game.

This true or not?


I love lamp
18 March 2006
Could be what I read in another thread about there being a "Cool" special star (hidden I believe) that will essentially make the player not celebrate but just turn around and walk back to his own field half.


^ 100% true
I am in my 3rd 4th season, and Wayne Rooney socred a very good goal, he just stood there acting like 'Hey, thats me I'm the best' and walked away acting Big and Clever.


5 May 2006
I've noticed this celebration with a couple of players. I think it happens randomly. Btw PES lacks in celebrations:(


I love lamp
18 March 2006
I think 70+ celebrations is pretty good still. Not sure most are very usable though, they could put in a few more variations of "normal" celebrations rather than very extravagant ones.
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