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Player point rating system in ML inflated?


21 June 2006
Hi, I used to be a huge fan of PES5, but now playing PES6 I noticed something that's really preventing me from enjoying this game. All the teams have really high point ratings for all their players (like straight 7's or 7.5's) whereas the best I can do is get mostly 6.0's, one 7.5 or a few 7's. This wasnt the case in PES5, where everyone had good numbers. Now with this, my best players will never hit the top 5 leaderboards for their positions.

Anyone have this problem too? Anyone solve it?


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12 September 2002
I don't see how this could be solved...it's just the way the game is...
that said i don't really see how this should spoil the game for you...the point rating system is merely a detail in the game...i think everybody finds it a good idea with many flaws but not more than that.


21 June 2006
That's true, its a minor detail

But it's all part of the simulation, to see your players and how they fair versus the other teams' players, and now that aspect is broken, which makes me sad :(

Nick Cave

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10 July 2004
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I don't even look at them anymore though they do effect how a player grows.. They are calculated in a mathematical way as you would expect this means a striker who in your eyes had a blinding game and scored three goals will be marked down (far too harshly) for the three missed tackles, the one foul and the ground he covered without the ball to make what had to be a 9 at least become a 6.5... And it can be four, five or six goals and still be the same!!


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21 June 2004
Mostly not a problem, except for keepers

With my team being the best defensive record in the league, I'm surprised to see the keepers from bottom teams who has much higher averages (e.g. more than 0.5 than mine)
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