Player Pushing and Barging

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
Im an experienced player but get very frustrated when a player makes a good run off following a first touch . Very often when this happens the computer will either push , shoulder charge or barge your player off the ball and you lose possession with no free kick given . Any of you guys got any tips on how to get around this or at least how to give the computer a taste of its own medicine and push/block their players or is it just a case of if the computer doesnt want you to get to a ball it wont let you ? Cheers guys:D


League 1
10 April 2006
use right two + hold X....sometimes gives a free kick but timing is important .... I also find that playing with an analogue pad you just need to make very slight movements towards the player in posession...this helps also and prevents too many free kicks
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