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League 1
26 July 2003
is it just me or is anyone else constantly frustrated by your players not obeying to positioning and tactical (both attack and defence) commands?
examples that occur in every match i play:
- doesnt matter what type of defence you set up, one CB will more than often break DF line and charge toward (AI triggered) the opponent thats advancing forward with the ball in middle of the park in your half.
- a CB or DMF/CMF has been given no attacking arrows yet still runs into space, in case of DMF/CMF sometimes advancing to edge of outer goal box
- when defending, SBs thinks theyre a CB and hangs around near centre of box instead of the flanks
- DMF/CMFs given normal defensive arrows but still defends so deep (blending into DF line) that your midfield defence is often exposed


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22 December 2001
Cascais, Portugal
SL Benfica
This function of the games has to be perfected. It depends on the stas of your player, but it never seems to work in full efect.
Sideback behaviour is sometimes random. They tend to switch positions with CB, it is insane. DMF seem to cover the lines nicely though. But those strikers running into their own half constantly is exagerated. They should had more freedom to player movements, and add a STRIKER position (for a player to stay in the box, or as forward as he can) and the FORWARD position would be for players as Raul or Del Piero, and have the possibility to give the all the freedom, wathing them play righ lef and center.


7 October 2002
The truth is I feel tactical instructions have been getting worse in every version, in direct oposition of everything else in the game. Some examples:

Offside Trap - Worse than ever. This year's versions are rich in stupid "no offside" situations, even playing with a good coordinated defence, and with offside strategy. Last year (PES3, WE7, WE7I) the offside trap was much more effective and realistic.

The high trough ball - maybe against the CPU is less noticeable but against humans it's so darn easy to make high through balls without the defence handling the situation that it's total desperation. One extra example of how inefective offside trap seems.

the offensive movement - I remember the firs years when the "arrows" apeared it was much more realistic. Now if you assign attacking arrows to some players those players will rush forward crowding the oposing area and giving you less space to construct. If you don't they will remain back. I remember the good old PS1 versions were you could keep your OHs outside the box for the rebounds and outside shots, without having them rush in the box everytime.

defensive movement - still haven't completely understood why konami withdrawn the defensive arrow detail. It should be as detailed as the ofensive arrows, and it was once like that. You could have for example your SBs not only closing back but also closing in, near the CBs or closing widely, near the line, to cover against "wing" formations.

PS - about having the STRIKER feature it's possible. Assign minimal defensive arrow to the striker(s) and play with counter-attack strategy. The strikers will keep a very deep position, ready for any long ball or breakthrough (although this is also a feature which is worse and more inefective every year).


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22 December 2001
Cascais, Portugal
SL Benfica
I have tried it Mauras, and it works to some effect. I agree with everything you said, especially on he high through ball. Why do the defenders tumble like there was no tomorrow? Also... I tottaly understamd their intention on taking the double [] shot (or [] + R1) cause it required zero ability to perform. But the animation for the L1 + [] is ridiculous. They could have kept the animations for the other lob. Like the Suker lob on Schmeichel in Euro 96 or the Figo lob against Estonia in the world cup 2002 quallifying match.
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