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playing 2 player with single gamepad/joystick


1 January 2007
I know it sounds a crazy question but I need to know b4 i buy a gamepad..so pls may i know "is it possible to play 2 player on pc version with one playin with gamepad and other with keyboard???" and also could u suggest me a good gamepad for pc pes 6 pls, I em in NJ, US ..
pls reply just "YES" if u know 4 sure that this is possible ...thanks in advance
sorry if talked b4 here..

Iori Yagami

The master of KoF XI
1 November 2006
São Paulo F.C.
Yes, is possible! You just have to configurate de keyboard and the gamepad in the configurator of the game. Is located at the root folder of the game. About the sugestion for a gamepad to buy, i can't help you. Maybe someone else can. And remember: KoF is supreme!!! XD


31 January 2006
The best gamepads to use on your PC are Playstation pads, just buy a usb converter, I think you can get them from play.com etc, they cost about £8.


2 August 2003
Just remember to put the keyboard in the player 1 position and the joystick in number 2 (on the settings outside the game)or you won´t be able to play.
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