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Playing in Legend Level in Master League


League 1
4 November 2015
To all players: what do you think about Legend Level in Master League?
For some reasons i can't go back to Superstar... but i'm the only one that find Legend level kind of "unreal", also for an m an aesthetic point of view?
I love the difficulty to come near to the opponent box, but then Konami ruins everything , with unreal boosts and other notorious s**t (i'm not talking about script, at least: for me script is a different thing, and i've found a way to avoid it) so it seem to me that any opponent team is the same: you can play against Burkina Faso or France National Team, no difference at all.
Make me understand if maybe i'm weak in something (especially concerning phisical contacts, tackles, shields and protecting the ball, as the opponent players seem always like Hulk against my Sissy ones...).
Some of you do realistic Master Leagues 100% in Legend Level?


League 2
17 February 2021
Zagreb, Croatia
Drogba FC
I'm playing on Legend and I am like you, can't go back to Superstar. I just love the challenge and being able to lose against anyone if you're not fully focused.
In some areas it's not realistic but I just find Superstar too easy and it gets boring after a season or two. And is there a script, I don't think about that because it would ruin my fun with the game. The current ML session I'm playing is actually the first time on legend, I'm at the 3rd season and I'm nowhere near thinking about stopping yet which would be a thing if I played on superstar.
So yeah, I dig legend and will probably always stick to it because it's much more challenging.
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