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Playstation Joypad Problem - please help



Ive been driven mad by this problem, Ive read htread after thread and done exaclty what people have said but it still wont work.

Im using a PS2 controller with a Rockfire USB adapter and Ive tried going into the game and selecting the joypad and then clicking the buttons like suggested, but as I said it doesnt work. Ive also tried going to settings in the Konami folder but still the same thing.

Even if Ive got the buttons set to be different its almost like it doesnt remember and for example :x: which you would use to select something in a menu, would not work and the original setting of :circle: or :square: would work as the "select key".

Do I need to install a driver for the controller, could that be it? In game it allows me to use the analog and directinal pad to select soemthing in the menu so i thought it must be working.

please could someone explain what im doing wrong, ive a new pc and still havent been able to play pro on it because of this :(


22 April 2006
so is your controller displayed correctly in the system properties (dunno what it is called in english).
Check if u get the correct feedback, while pressing the buttons in the calibration screen of windows ...
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