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PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 December 2005
I used to b a champion in winning series but in we 10 i lost to my friend too many times that i began frustrated ...we bet each game of course..here 's how he played ..he used analog controller and semi auto to full. and i use manual with d pad..funny though the analog user seems can easily steal ball and intercept the ball TOO often ..and the body balnce is incredible.. i can 't run pass his defender!!! where he can easily pulled my defender down and shoot..and goal for certain...it's almost too EASY!! so is there a huge differences between those style of play?? He also managed to score free kick 8 times out of ten try at any range!!! ( well not all! ) So any veterans...Pls help!!!!! Will b most grateful .:shock:


WE 10 IS VERY DIFFERENT just has a longer learning curve - to defend, instead of using the player uve selected to chase after the player with the ball, use ure player to close off a pass to a player in space and use square to call the computer to take out the player with the ball, the comp is more effecctive at it.
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