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Plz Need Help Real Bad


20 August 2006
hi , i am new to all this. i have just joined. i just wanted to know which is better. option files, or patchs. and i really want to get real kits. my mate gave me an "option file" for pro 5. i have all the proper kits in every league for last years premiership season. how ever, i have the old international kits for every team. like brazils old one. so can please some one teach me how to get option files. if some one could please could they give me a step by step detail of how to down load it and put it in my ps2. because i am mentaly disabled, please could they make it a bit simple for me. and also, please could they give me the latest option file for all new kits, like arsenals new fly emirates and that. i wnat this all for pro 5. please could any one be kind enough to help me.


welcome to the forum mate :)

Ok, well first off patches are better than option files BUT you need to have a modded PS2 to play patched games.

If you do have a modded PS2 then visit this link:


Its 18 pages long, but talks you through all you need to know before you start patching. Also, if you go to the Patches threads the patch makers usually give detailed intructions on how to apply them so read it also.

ps. I know you're new, but try to use paragraphs mate. Makes it easier to read ;)


20 August 2006
i have the proper pro evolution soccer 5. what do you mean buy modded ? do you mean chipped ?
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