Portrait of the best player


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15 March 2003
Portrait of the best player

for John Terry is :

the right foot of Joe Cole
the left foot of Zidane
the speed of Henry
Beckham haircuts
and the d**k of Makelele :lmao:

and for you ?
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15 March 2003
Rivaldo left foot
Maradona right foot
Zidane Dribble
Zidane Vision
Henry Speed
Davids endurance
Bierhoff header
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5 August 2003
Batistuta's right foot
Recoba's left foot
Muller's coolness
Van Nistelrooy's finish
Hrubesch's Headers
Beckenbauer's vision

Or Deislers everything with some other guys quads ...


20 July 2005
Lima, Perú
Juninho Pernambucano's right foot
Zinedine Zidane's left foot
Thierry Henry's speed
Zinedine Zidane's dribble
Zinedine Zidane's vision
Edgar Davids endurance
Miroslav Klose's head
Samuel Eto'o definition
Steven Gerrard's heart


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Bosman's stubborness
Cruijff's leadership
Gerd Muller's nose for goals
Arnold Muhren's passing
Van Basten' volley
Maradonna's dribble and hand of god
Cantona's grinta
Redondo's reading of the game and flair
Mihaijlovic's free kick
Preben Elkjaer's acceleration
Carlos Alberto's shot

in short:



No. 7
21 February 2005
Manchester United FC
Beckham's right foot
Giggs' left foot
Cantona's creativeness
Scholes' vision
Stam's strength
C.Ronaldo's pace & skill
Vidic's heading ability
R.Ferdinand's coolness under pressure

Not that I'm biased or anything!


14 September 2006
Zidane's right foot
Risse's left foot
Henry's Speed
Ronaldinho's skill
Keane's Determination
Maradona's Dribbling
Zidane's vision


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3 July 2003
My Right foot
My Left foot
My Desire
My Tactical awareness
My Grit
My Determination
My Adonis looks
My Swagger on field
My Presence
My Bank balance
My Shitty job
My Rambling
My Bad.............:roll:


19 March 2005
of course you're not . don't pay attention to marukomu , he doesn't know you yet .
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Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
Georghe Hagi's left foot.
Armando Maradona's right foot.
Obafemi Martins's speed.
Georghe Popescu's deffence skills.
Marc Overmars's winger skills.
and Hakan Sukur's heading skills. (Last 2 years, I cant join that.)


Champions League
17 February 2006
Maradona's skills.
Christiano Ronaldo's winger skills.
Georghe Hagi's left foot.
Gomes (PSV) keeper skills.
Pipo Inzaghi's celebrity skills!
Kaka's speed with the ball.


20 June 2007
Koeman's right foot
Hagi's left foot
Kaka'a dribbling
Stam's great wall
Henr'y super goals
Ronaldo's being of worlds number one player ever..

White Claudia

Probably Dead
28 November 2007
Besiktas JK
Zidane's right foot
Zidane's left foot
Zidane's dribbling
Zidane's passing
Zidane's balance
Zidane's concentration
Zidane's vision
Zidane's corner kicks
Zidane's headers
Zidane's mentality
Zidane's teamwork
Zidane's determination
Zidane's technique


League 2
27 August 2007
AC Milan
Ronaldo in his prime, he was simply perfect and wouldnt need any skills from any other player,

he had the speed to run away from the whole defense with the ball and skill to round the keeper or shoot it past him from any angles with either foot as a true two footed player
he could score freekicks aswell as he showed in barca and inter, also has great vision and wonderfull passing like he showed last game with milan when he freeplayed pato twice with passes through the whole defense, just take a look at these stats

Cruseiro: 13 games 12 goals
PSV: 46 games 42 goals
Barcelona: 37 games 34 goals (1 season)
Inter: 69 games 49 goals
Real Madrid: 127 games 83 goals
AC Milan: 16 games 9 goals
Brazil 97 games 62 goals
top WC goalscorer of all times with 15 goals in 19 games

imo in his prime the ultimate player and now still a top striker he is simply the king

a video to remind you guys what this beast can/could do:)

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Ret KiT

25 March 2007
yeah ronaldo in his prime was a beast , no one could match the speed control and skillful finishing combination, best striker no doubt


12 July 2007
Manchester United
Almost....he had all the ability to be the best but dont think he had the mentality, the fact that in what should have been his prime 28 - 30 he pretty much wasnt half the player he was before that..may be a similar story for Ronaldinho so far as i can see


League 2
27 August 2007
AC Milan
nah i think he had the mentality its just that he is what you would say in pes an early peak player:P

but it was his body that gave up on him from all the injuries and sicknesses, he got so beat up in games at inter that he trashed his knees and was out of football for a whole year and came back and became fifa world player again and even since then he has always been plauged by injuries and now in milan the medical staff discovered some sickness(cant remember the name) that had screwed up his metabolism and caused his weight problems, he's been treated for that now for almost a year and you can see a huge weight loss and he is starting to get back in form even though he'll never be that old Ronaldo what he showed during his peak for those ~4 years no striker has ever been close to so imo he has shown he has the mentality of a true winner he just didnt have the body of one:P
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