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Possible Edit Problem Solution...


29 August 2006
I'm sure we're all aware that there is goin to be limited editing in the 360 version of PES6, especially in the kit department. Personally, im one for the gameplay over the polish, but i was thinkin...
Surely the master league will have a kit editing mode, so (assuming that is true) would it not be possible for the evo-web geniuses to edit the kits in master league mode, then share masterleague files rather than whole option files. I understand this is long winded and probably a real pain in the ass, but for those that really care...is that not possible????


I love lamp
18 March 2006
Does that mean that you get a "standard" kit when making an original master league team? Or is it only possible to choose a "real" team for ML, and not create your own team with the players, kits etc that you want?


I think it will revert to the traditional Master League format where you overtake a real team but can still play with the default Master League players.
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