Possible to play PES 6 (PS2) on JPN PS3


6 April 2003
İzmit / Türkiye
I would like to ask some questions before I buy PES6 ps2 version for my JPN PS3

1) Will it work?
2) I have 32" Philips 32 PF7320 LCD tv. The game will run 16:9 or 4:3?
3) Any graphical improvement on PS3

thanks alot


18 June 2003
Planet Moufa
1)It will not work and I know this cause a friend of mine has a japanese ps3 and he tried to play pes6 but it didn't load. Probably cause it's pal and the ps3 is not.
2)No idea.
3)I doubt it, cause the other games that booted and I saw where the same or probably slightly worse.
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