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PC Post your GamerTags(PES 2011)


1 January 2004
Hi guys, this thread is to construct a list of peoples konami gamer tags so we can all play eachother in friendlies and future leagues and cups i will try and setup for us.

in past experience its always great to play against fellow forum members compared to online random people who 9/10 cheat in some form or the other so i reckon this thread is the best place to start the ball rolling.

I have not got my game yet but i am correct in saying that for me to play a certain member online, all i need is their konami ID?

if thats the case post yours and i will add you as a buddy if PES has this feature? it use to in PES06. its been a very long time since i played PES online so i am really looking forward to it this thursday or friday.

cheers guys and looking forward to playing you lot.


10 November 2003
my pc tag is : elfie

i suck at this game so i should be an easy target :P
Had my fist online match yesterday. Opponent immediately went for Real Madrid. I decided to go Inter and play counter. Lost 1-0, some slowdown here and there but not so bad. Had a good counter at in the 85th min which i should have scored. All in all nice to be online again after not having bought pes after 08.
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