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Powell new 9.77 100m world record


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9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
story from skysports
Asafa Powell set a new world record of 9.77 seconds over 100 metres at the Tsiklitiria Super Grand Prix meeting in Athens.
The Jamaican shaved one hundredth of a second off Tim Montgomery's existing record which was set in Paris three years ago.

In the same stadium where he had finished fifth during the 2004 Olympic final, Powell left a world-class field, including British duo Jason Gardener and Mark Lewis-Francis trailing in his wake to finish metres ahead of his closest rival.

Ghana's Aziz Zakari finished second in 9.99 seconds, while fellow Jamaican Jason Frater was third in 10.03 seconds.

Powell, 22, was already the fastest man in the word this year having clocked 9.84 seconds in Jamaica on May 8 and he used the fast track conditions to set a new record at the same venue as Maurice Greene ran 9.79 seconds in 1999.

"Nothing makes up for the Olympics, but this was showing the world I could have done it ," said Powell.
"I never got the chance then, but I did it tonight. I never knew it would really happen. I did have it on my
mind but came here to do my best and it was a world record."

damn i neva thot i wud see anotha brotha break that 9.78 set by tim mont.

shit asafa must have been powered by surely some f1 engines lol


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1 December 2003
I once ran from my house to the Spar shop in under 7 minutes.
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11 April 2005
danwin said:
I once ran from my house to the Spar shop in uder 7 minutes.
:applause: That is a record that will stand fo all time. I bet your mother is so proud, I'am and I don't even know you. Someone give this man a GOLD medal :lmao:

It seems people just keep on getting faster and faster, when will it end? What do people think the WR will be in 50 years time? Just think they run 10m in less than a second WTF!!!! When you put it like that it's fucking fast, how the fuck do they do it!!


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2 February 2003
London, UK
danwin said:
I once ran from my house to the Spar shop in uder 7 minutes.
Yeah but you cut across the corners and didn't stick to the racing lane.

Try it without a toilet break next time ;)
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Did you Say BOOTS - Pk
9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
just when asafa felt like Flash this happened

Friday 12th May 2006

Today's Sporting Briefs
World and Olympic champion Justin Gatlin smashed the 100m world record in the final of the IAAF Super Tour meeting in Doha, Qatar.

The American clocked 9.76 seconds, beating the previous mark of 9.77 set by Jamaica's Asafa Powell in Athens on June 14 last year.

The 24-year-old announced he had his sights set on the world record after clocking 9.95 seconds in his first outing of the season in Osaka last Saturday.

"I'm so very happy to have broken the world record," said Gatlin, who earlier on Friday clocked 9.85sec in the Doha semi-finals.

"I knew it was coming. This is my third time in Doha and it has proved to be third time lucky."

Gatlin and Powell - who also ran 9.95 in Kingston, Jamaica at the weekend - are due to clash at a grand prix meeting in Gateshead on June 11.

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