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Predicts season 14-15: the new format


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
I will take this over from CW.
First of all, thanks to CW for all those years. Quite a few people loved his format.
Since i take over (unless some other member really wants to do it), i will change the format a litle bit.

There will be one single contest with league and euro cup matches in it.

For the league matches in the weekend, i will Always select 6 matches from different leagues (there will be less bias on the EPL, weekly there will be matches from other leagues).

From those 6 matches people can predict five of them. This willallow you to go for the matches that seem the most predictable.

From the five selected matches you will have to select one for double points.

What will you predict?

The exact result. (2 points for each correct prediction)
The usual home, away or draw prediction (1 point)
And a goal scorer (3 points for each goal scored by the player you have chosen)

An example:

Ac Milan - Udinese
Wolfsburg - Schalke 04
Man Utd - Man City
PSG - Guingamp
Real Madrid - Real Sociedad
Anderlecht - Standard

You are English and doesn't know the Belgian League,so you decide not to make a prediction for Anderlecht-Standard.
PSG- Guingamp seems the obvious one, soyou decide to play that one for double points.

So what you post is:

AC Milan - Udinese 2-1 (Home) Balotelli
Wolfsburg - Schalke 04 1-0 (Home) Kevin De Bruyne
Man Utd - Man City 1-0 (Home) Van Persie
PSG- Guingamp ** (3-0) (Home) Zlatan
Real Madrid - Sociedad 0-1 (Away) Vela

The score:

One example:

The score of Wolfsburg - Schalke is 4-1. Kevin De Bruyne has scored all 4 goals (one can dream).

So you got 1 point because you predicted a home win.
You get no points for your 1-0 prediction.
But De Bruyne has scored 4 goals, so you get 3 point for each goal:12 points
You get a total of 13 point for this match.

PSG- Guigamp was the ** match, so you get double point for that one.
The real score was:
3-0, a hattrick by Cavani.

So you got 1 point because you predcted a home win.
Two extra points because you correctly predicted the end score.
No points because Zlatan didn't score.
You get a total of 3 points for this match.

I hope everybody understands this.

What do you people think about it ? I'm open for suggestions.


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
Hi Gerd, good to hear that you are up for taking this over. However I have to say with the proposed changes it really overcomplicates things for me and I'm not sure I would take part in this format.

I like the idea of more matches from across Europe.

Having a goalscorer in each match is too much.

Choosing 5 from 6 matches seems messy, if you want to increase the number of matches I'd say just post 4 and we predict those 4.

Also, CW will tell you that this takes a hell of a lot of time marking each week, without all these added changes. I'd be worried you would lose interest as it would be far too complicated and time consuming.


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback.
I've been thinking about this and you are probably right.

What i propose is the following: predict all the selected matches and select one to predict a goal scorer. Three points for a goal is also too much. One point for every goal that is scored.

That suits you better ?


Champions League
16 April 2002
Fantastic news.

I'm with Tim though and agree the simpler the better. The existing format is good and easy to play.

I like the idea of a couple more leagues but it would need to be big teams as personally I probably wouldn't have time to go research a Wolfsburg v koln for example.

Happy to give it a go anyway. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!


21 June 2010
Glad to see that the predicts will still be there for one more season at least. But try to keep it simple, the new format is kinda complicated and probably will take a lot of your time.


Crvena Zvezda
30 August 2009
Zrenjanin, Serbia
FK Crvena Zvezda
Gerd my friend,

I would like to see more leagues and not just BPL. However, I would suggest that you keep it at the top 5 most popular ones (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France). I don't want to insult you, but who would actually like to see Belgian League with matches like Mechelen - Kortrijk for example? (I would say the same for Serbian league if you mentioned it :)) ) I'd like to see 5-7 matches every week (depending on the European competitions), and every match from different league.

Also, I prefer the CW method of earning points (3 for score, 2 for HDA). And I think that goalscorer should be for final cup matches only (EL, CL, FA for example), like it was last season.

That's my opinion friend, cheers. :))


I like Unicorns
17 August 2007
Estoril | Knicks
As a two time champ I'm glad to see that I'll have the opportunity to win my third title. :D Major props to Gerd for taking over our beloved game. I feel like the EWP game is an important part of this forum

I'd like to thanks CW as well for his effort and patience through the years. It was a joyful good run.

As for the game itself, I'm also on the side of those who said we should stick to CW's formula tweaking it with the addition of a couple games from big leagues.
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