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Premier league theme song



Its terrible, but I'm sure there was a thread with a link posted a while before. So try searching it.


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23 October 2004
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Could be just about to make your day lads - this was quoted on another footy forum by "noel edmonds is a bury fan" so thank him :applause: ....and me :mrgreen:

God that Premier League Anthem is awful. Apparently it's supposed to show the game in it's best possible light.

The thing is called "The Premier League Anthem" as it was specially commisioned by the premier league (cost a fair bit i bet!) and if The Dale ever get to the Prem (i'd give us about 5 years ) and they're still playing it then i'll boo throughout.

Enough of my ramblings, you can get the song here: http://www.premierleague.com/media/fapl_anthem.mp3
That's the official version off the official premier league website. There will most likely be a longer version (as there is with the champions league theme) but that i have no idea where it'd be.

I've just listened to that mp3 off the premier leagues website and it sounds spot on, top quality and i could almost smell the shit terry henry (and his arsenal team mates) puts on their shirts for winter matches. Big girls.
Actually this is pretty cool, gonna take it into work, play it in the office and insist everyone shakes each others hand Do it every day!!! Show the workplace in the best possible light (to quote the epl).
So there it is guys. The next comment said it was the gayest music he'd ever heard. :shock: - Everybody has an opinion. :lol:
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