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Presentation - Replay Mode/Ansel


League 1
3 November 2011
Ansel is a great feature, but it's only available to us with Nvidia. While this is great to see Konami partner up like that, i can't feel some other players are at quite a loss.
So, how about improving the free camera in replay mode at least, and make it free movable, like during Ansel with WSAD and mouse.

With Ansel, you can take some amazing, some great screenshots, but if you're trying to record a great goal from some angle, you're still limited to the old Konami cameras, and their old poor free camera. If you are able to position the camera anywhere and set things in motion afterwards, it would be of great help in filming goals, dribbling, or whatever else.

In addition, i'd also like the annoying "replay" watermark in replay mode removed, and either get rid of it completely, or do like some other games do in their replay modes, and put a small "Konami" or 'PES 20xx" watermark instead with lower opacity.

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