pro evo 5 online question



Would i be able to play pro evo 5 online if i get my ps2 chipped as i want to watch my multi region dvds on it?

does anyone know if you have it chipped, will it be recognised like my xbox. just got a new ps2 and been of its scene for a year now!

Sold my crappy xbox and pro evo 4 to come back and i'm pleased i did
Id appreciate some advice if you don't mind


If you want to watch multi-region DVDs just buy datel's Action Replay. And the game would detect a modified system via Sony's network check - DNAS. \\:o/
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rockykabir said:
What happens if you deactivate the chip as you can with the DMS3? Is it still possible to play online (with the unpatched original disc of course)
It'll work fine.if your modifying the textures kits and stuff, their is a way to patch the burnt disc to make it work.
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