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Pro Evo 6 online- PS3


League 2
30 April 2006

First thread I have ever posted so bear with me please.

I have Pro Evo 6 but have never played it online- never bothered getting the ps2 network adaptor as I thought there would be too much lag.

I was wondering, assuming Pro Evo 6 proves to be one of the backward compatable games, does anyone know if I will be able to play it online through my PS3 (when i get one)? I hope so :)


21 March 2005
Well i have winning eleven: pro evolution 2007 and it plays online fine on ps3, i think it'll be the same case for the PAL ps3, no one can confirm this because well the PAL ps3 isn't out yet


League 2
30 April 2006
Much appreciated.

I'm holding off on a pre-order at the moment on this basis so will be v interested to hear.

Out of interest, is the play relatively lag free on the PS2? (I have 2 meg broadband- fast enough?). I wonder if the move to PS3 will improve this.



7 September 2006
i play online on ps2 at the moment and i gert a lot of lag free games, it depends on the game set up, weather conditions and so on...best not to load up with too much...play summer, weather fine and make sure no one else is online in yor house....then it will be lag free....i will be trying it on ps3 on the 23rd


League 2
30 April 2006
ok Peter (or anyone else for that matter), I'll be waiting to hear how PES6 plays tomorrow and if you can play online via the PS3. (if you can spare 5 mins away from your new console)

many thanks


7 May 2002
It does work. Only in 50hz... And there is some lag even in single player mode. Hopefully, the next update will improve on this...
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