PRO EVO 6 - The best thing to do, whose in your team? Your tactics?



Best thing to do with Pro Evo 6 is to play a master league and choose and edit a brand new team or one you support or like. You can choose players to use and there are some players who get awesome the older they get. Some are awesome from a young age.
I have a big squad but a damn good one that I think is possibly the best team.
I made my team up and named them INSPIRITUS REVOLUTUS,and put them in a league with Arsenal, Manutd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter, and basically all the best teams in the world, trying to become the best, but starting off as the worst team on the game.
My team are sick ass.
Goalkeepers: Amiles, Huber
Defenders: Toyna, Nilgarna, Luiz Pereira,Vanden Borre, Jaric, Maximus(made up), Schmidt, Bos and Kobayashi
Midfield: Danger (made up), Sno, Matuidi, Moore, Kaiser, Nedved, Francescoli, Schuster, Gambino, Prosinecki
Wingers: Van Der Vaart, Brolin, Wilsantos (me, made up)
Strikers: Van Basten, Bojinov, Voller, De Los La Santos (made up) and Papin.
If you have a sick ass team post them would love to see some line ups and tactics you use! I use a 3-2-2-3 system with one winger on the left and two strikers in the box, a very attacking midfield and three at the back. Its the sickesty formation for my team. Whats your team? Whats your tactics? Whose in your squad!
Pro evo all the way! PS2 version beats 360 version completely! kick ass pro evo 6!


6 August 2005
i made my team up aswell..i named them FC Next-Selection and made 2 sik ass kits!!! my team uses a 3 5 2 formation which works very well with my team..i concede less than 10 every season most ive conceded is 6!! n my goal scoring is top!! my team consists of:

GoalKeepers: Stekelenburg, Frey, Bade
Defenders:S Ramos, Kompany, Chivu, Alex, Eboue,
Midfielders: Sweinstiger, Ribery, Nigel De Jong, Fabregas, Mikel, Assiati, Nasri, Dempsey, Mutu, Wilhemsson, Joe Cole
Strikers:Fernando Torres, Tevez, Park Chu Young, Babel, Micolli,Dos Santos


3 February 2007 I dont know may of your players wilsantos!!:P I started master league now with porto and with original players in the very very difficult with just 1500 points...the lesser possible..and Im getting very dificult with that!lool...but just notice players in pes for me...just wait a few side midfielders and wingers TAVANO and WILHELMSSON!!my favorite now..and rafael sobis maybe a great one too!!!but thits two...they can handle a team by them selfs only!!!


I'm in 2013 as Juventus, I started with the Juve start players and I'm now (finally!) ranked no.1 in the wefa world rankings. There is one player I would certainly recommend buying - he's called Launders, he's a young english centre forward. His stats aren't incredible, but he has LOADS of the special stars so he's incredibly skillful and he develops like a mother-bitch. BUY HIM!!!


League 1
19 May 2007
im in 2019 on mine, started off with the default team and worked my way up, havent lost in 9 seasons, havent drew in 7 seasons. park chu young is the best striker on the game. although he only plays my cup and champions league games now cus hes 34, hes scored something like 750 goals overall. guy is a legend lol. my team is cech,barth,bos,fischer,kaiser,zabaleta,nijkamp,marchand,koeman,aguero and landruam. thats my first 11. others include a young nedved, park chu young, gibson, C ronaldo (34-35 now), shaw, carlos.


19 May 2007
Park chu young is class! I'm was in 2012 and his stats were almost 99 for everything!Prieto and Bos are also good buys from the newcomers section.


14 November 2006
Newcastle United
Haha yes well Park Chu Young IS the hottest young prospect in Korea at the moment. He's the only natural goal-scorer in the korean squad at the moment.


13 March 2005
NW London
Meh, I pick struggling teams with hardly any money or pulling power (match mode), and then take them to the CL :D

Its rewarding but its getting too easy.


Buy b.laudrup i turned him into one of the best strikers
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