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Pro Evolution Soccer Phoenix - Online

Shall we start a PES 6 Phoenix Patch online league?

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4 January 2009
hey there,

everytime i wanna play, there occures an error with roster mismatch.
either me or my opponent can't join a game

me i'm Division 3C, so i can play only against mates who are in the same division or what?


30 September 2009
you and your Opponent should have the same Database. If you are using Phönix Patch and your Opponent uses Sholly M Patch it wouldn't match.
You need to use the same Database than your Opponent uses.
Before you start an online Game be shure that u are using the same Patch than your Opponent.

MfG ZeRoberta


29 April 2012
Seems it's rather hard to find anyone to play...

If anyone wants to give it a shot, send me a PM or something and I'm all yours, hue.

The fact that (by the looks of things) people rarely speak English on this server makes it even worse. Haven't got a chance to at least talk with anyone there... :(

W. Sneijder

22 February 2014
Karabük, Turkey
yes. im looking forward to playing online more but really it looks imposibble to findsomeone to play online. PM me I m waiting for your request. Tell me your facebook so that we can contact easily.


25 February 2014
Juventus F.C.
Hi maybe we create phoenix patch server or phoenix league.My username online is hubi99,anyone play online.


19 October 2012
Nice idea, but only problem is that u can't play online with last update of this patch. When u playing online with this patch, you have rooster from previous update, and i think this is a reason why it's very hard to find people who play this version online right now. Although i can't understand how it is posibble that in online mode game load version of option file that i didn't install. Friend and I try to play online, both installed only latest update of this patch (OF), and still when we played online matches we have older rooster (for example Mata is in Chelsea, Matic is in Benfica, etc...) I would like that someone explain me how this works in online, how is posibble that game load OF which i didn't install?


League 1
6 December 2012
Hello guys.

I have a friend who wants to play online but cannot speak or read English. He knows French, though.

Could someone translate this to French?

How to play online with the Phoenix patch

  1. Download and install the whole patch and then download the online database (if you haven't done it yet) - look for the required files in the 2nd post.
  2. Copy the 0_text.afs folder from the online files archive and put it in your kitserver/dat folder.
  3. Open your hosts file with Notepad. It is located in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc.
  4. Copy the following 2 IP addresses and paste them at the bottom of the file and then save it. we9stun.winning-eleven.net pes6gate-ec.winning-eleven.net

  5. Go to the following page and register an account which you will use to log in in-game: http://www.pesgame.net:8190/
  6. When you're ready, start up the game and go to Network. When the game prompts you to enter a password, enter your username and password which you have registered just now, separated by a "-". What you enter should look like this: Username-Password , for example if your username is Jonathan and your password is jogabonito you should type in Jonathan-jogabonito.
  7. After that, create a profile (you can use up to 3) and enter the lobby you want to play in. Enjoy!
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