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Pro Evolution Soccer Phoenix - Online

Shall we start a PES 6 Phoenix Patch online league?

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Premier League
6 October 2006
Manchester United
What's up guys? Not many of you around these days. :)

Daniel and Uksix, we should play again! :D


30 September 2009
It's important for Online Gaming to Forward UDP Port 5739 in your Router Settings. It increases Speed of Connection.

MfG ZeRoberta
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N. N.

21 July 2014
Hi! I'm having problems when trying to create an account on http://www.pesgame.net:8190/ After filling the blanks, the following message appears: ERROR: Unable to register: server errror. Does anyone know if it's normal for that to happen, and if the problem will be solved soon? I'm so excited to play with this wonderful patch! Thanks in advance! :WORSHIP:
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