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PS2 BLIC 2007 PAL/EUR Fake Name and Face Fixer beta


15 February 2004
figured it out in the End
Duh: Fixes Fake Name and Faces in custom games to correct ones

PS2 Name and Face Fixer BLIC 2007 PAL/EUR beta (because not fully tested but works great so far!)

no need to wait for option file now (and the faces are sorted too)


1. Make ISO with your original DVD (to your PC)
Iso size should be 3.14 GB (3,373,367,296 bytes) (right click properties)
2. Open ppf-o-matic v3 (in .rar)
3. Use this to open PS2FaceAndNamesFix.ppf (in .rar)
4. Apply to ISO

then burn etc (No more instructions just do this or read about for more info!)

Thanks to

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29 January 2006
Re: PS2 BLIC 2007 Fake Name and Face Fixer beta

SWEET! So, this gives proper faces and names for all players in regular mode, not just World Cup?
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