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PS2 controller on PC version pro evo 6


24 October 2006
Please somebody help me from going insane, got an adapter for a ps2 controller in order to play Pro Evo 6 on PC. The controller is working fine when tested in "game controller option" in control panel/winxp. Yet i cant for the life of me get it to work in-game. Searched the internet for hours now and can't find anyone having the same problem.

If someone knows another route to go down please let me know otherwise the straightjacket is waiting and i am heading for the door.....:(


been there done that
10 November 2003
go to folder where you have installed pes6 (usually it's c:\program files\konami\pro evolution 6) and double click on "settings".
you should have this kind of window now:

pick up on player one the contlorer you want to use and should be fine.
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24 October 2006
Spoon71 - man yer a bloody diamond!!!!!!:applause: \\:o/ :applause: \\:o/ :applause:

Thankyou so much.


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8 July 2003
i bought the ps2 controller convertor from GAME.
it works ok...but i cant figure out out to use the analog sticks?

any ideas?


Just make sure analog is on on the controller then assign the axes in the same way as the buttons. You might want to try the windows joystick calibration thing to make sure they're working.


i use the ps2 contorller adapter - i bought it from play.com - every now when i change direction i do a 360 turn??!?! anyone have similar experience? reckon its worth getting one from game then or something?

Hectic Glenn

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14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
I have the same adapter as you samson and i used to get that problem often too. I found it was happening because I forgot to turn the analogue on in the middle of the controller. I don't use the analogue, but you must have that red light on to stop it happening :)


14 April 2003
I have atomic ps2 adapter, but I have the problem with the right analog stick playing pes6 pc with the original pad ps2 (no problem with pes 5) ; is there any idea to use the right stick?
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