PS2 or Xbox version



Which format are you all going to buy? Will it make a difference?
I would sway torwards Xbox because of having played it there for the previous year, however seeing as now the PS2 will be online, there's no difference surely?
Where do you think the smart money is?


Difference? yes there is, the Xbox graphics do tend to be sharper and sometimes easier on the eye, and also didnt have too many slowdown issues with PES4 Xbox but did with PES4 PS2 last year.



22 March 2003
If you have a pad converter, I'd go with the XBOX everytime.

Faster load times, better graphics and no slowdown whatsoever.

Still, the Playstation is the home of PES, but still...


Yeah, the quick loading times is a major factor why I prefer Xbox at the moment.


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4 April 2005
i don't thing the graphic is better on xbox, the only thing with xbox is, no slowdows, xbox live, and quick loading.
but pes5 will have online, no slowdown & better pad.
not really a big differens, but i personally gonna get it for xbox as i got xboxlive conction


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17 January 2003
Dumbarton -Scotland
i will prob just get it for ps2 the only reason i got pes4 for xbox was because of LIVE but tbh i was dissapointed by my fellow gamers concernig this game so that has put me off getting it for xbox this year.....and no i dont have my ps2 i like the ps2 pad better i know about pad convertors but they have a delay so are not all that good.


I'll prob get it for ps2 cos i've got saved option file from pes4 which i can load onto pes5 aswell its got a psp connection


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3 August 2003
Ps2 version, because I only have a Ps2 and all my Pes-playing mates have one as well, so I can share my x-port option files with them. I never notice any slowdown on Pes4 (My Ps2 must be broken or something) so that's no issue for me.


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2 April 2002
Norwich City
The major factor for me is most my mates have it for the PS2 a few for the xbox which we never play Proevo on, when it comes to tourni's & 2 player games PS2 everytime.
Also I have an X-port for the PS2 option file.

But it depends on the online play I've played a few times on the xbox put it lagged to much at times. but if it's been improved then an xbox may come my way.

& will the PS2 online be any good???


10 December 2004
Stoke City
I thought it was good to have xbox live when it came around, but after a while the thrill something never felt right about the xbox vrsion. Ill just ahve to wait and see when it gets closer to the time , does anyone know if evo-web plans to run a league for both consoles?


18 August 2003
hmm, i have had ps2 online for quite a while and it is brilliant i play it much more than 1 player games and games with a friend next to me etc. I think the only difference between xbox live and ps2 online is that xbox marketed it much better.

I havent got an xbox and not planning to get one!

So obv ps2 game!

f to the vipe

that's great
8 July 2005
FC Porto
XBOX all the way for me... I'm too used to the controller now (it was rough the first few days with PES4 though), and now the ps2 controls for pes feel too weird for me... and I just can't go back.

Besides, it all seems to be much smoother and loading much faster on the xbox.


Playstation 2, as always. XBOX is a piece of shit. Mind you, Winning Eleven 9 does not have slowdowns, so I don't think that PES 5 will have any slowdowns at all on PS2.

You call that a gamepad? :lol: Piece of shit!

Playstation for ever!


17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
That pad has been discontinued, they have a much smaller, and a lot better gamepad now.

You're not looking at things objectively really, very fanboy-ish.


djdavedoc said:
Difference? yes there is, the Xbox graphics do tend to be sharper and sometimes easier on the eye, and also didnt have too many slowdown issues with PES4 Xbox but did with PES4 PS2 last year.

I do agree with you for slowdowns but picture is a little fuzzy on Xbox (N64 style)

P.S. : Rooney I love you but sometimes you really pissin' me off
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