[PS2] Pes 6 Online League


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8 August 2004
Ok guys, I will take this opportunity to try to set up a tournament for pes 6 online players.

Please send me an email to pestournament@gmail.com if you want to join this online league. Within the mail send ur online nickname, ur nickname of evoweb or pesg*ming.com (dunno if it's allowed here ;)) and the team you want to play with.

I dont know what's preferable, clubs or national.
Later on I'll send the rules for the match.

So far I have 4 players who signed thru the mail. Please signup by mail.
I'll keep this first post updated, whenever a new player signs in. Within a week or 2 I would like to start the with the schedule when there are sufficient sign-ups.

16 players would be ideal, more is better ofcourse!

So signup please via pestournament@gmail.com

Total Players:
FORUM NICK // Online Nick // Team

1. Lami (pesg*ming)// TitaniumLami // Not yet defined

2. -BonBon- (pesg*ming)// Ronaldo9 // Inter Milan

3. F_Totti // 4p // Chelsea

4. Kevthedrummer (pesg*ming) // kevthedrummer // Man Utd

5. TheLeftFootedBeckham (pesg*ming) // DinoAndana // Athletico Madrid

6. revert (pesg*ming) // el-revert // Liverpool

7. jonno394 (pesg*ming) // jonno394 // Newcastle United

8. supaslik (pesg*ming) // supaslik // Real Madrid

9. seanojones (pesg*ming) // seanojones // FC Barcelona

10. Santi98 (pesg*ming) // Libero98 // Arsenal FC
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3 August 2003
could i join ?
i got the north american ps2 version, is that gonna work too?
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