3 August 2005
Ps2 Pes5 Uk Ladder

Hello people this is a advert regarding the Ps2 Pes5 Uk Ladder

Outlined below will be reasons for you to come and join the Ps2 Pes5 Ladder.

The Ps2 Pes5 Ladder is another alternative to the pes rankings system that you all play on now,
Except playing on the Ladder you get the chance to chat to the players you are having a match with and if people are about in the launcher.
U can just ask for a ladder game anytime as long some1 is around to ask.
I’m saying never play on the pesrankin site because at the end of the day the pesrankin site is a great site and has a good format in the way
Of making events and the live events they do all over the country they do one up the road or use to in Southend and the people who arrange
The events do a great job and can’t be knocked for it.

See we all play pes5/we8+9 so really it doesn’t matter what site u on, we still play pes5 on the ps2 or pc.
So if u are waiting for a cup or toury to start on pesrankins.U can have a game on the ladder …if u want and plus if any1 is a round

You meet in a Pes Launcher Room which has some cool stuff linked to it.
Once in the ps2 ladder room u can have a chat and if you fancy a ps2 game of pes5 then you can play anyone in this room.
But unlike pes rankings if you lose the game you report it and the ladder gets updated straight away
Which then moves you up the Ladder if u win or down if u lose?
There are cups which you can win and get a trophy icon in your profile and lot of other stuff.

The idea of the Ps2 Pes5 UK Ladder is that you see if you can be the best get to the top of the Ladder,
Meet in a chatroom have a laugh just generally have fun whilst being able to speak to the people you play.

To be part of the Ps2 Pes5 UK Ladder you will have to join up there are rules which have to be read and you must be in the UK to join this Ladder.

The other point i feel needs to be made is that if you lose the game you play you must report it,
also its club vs. club and one on one (although if agreed between the players beforehand it can be international teams).

You must play games in English server3 Lobby 6 as this is a room where (hopefully) members of the Ps2 Pes5 Uk Ladder will be.

So if you like the sound of what you have just read click on the link below and start having fun trying to be the best at Pes5 on the Ps2.

OK you are goin to need abit of software for the chat room and rules and other bits. u can get this from here

once you have this install it and then go in to the ps2 pes ladder room

ok to join go here

ok some people cant use the launcher for firewall and other there is a chat room on site u can use but u may need to use java 2 runtime environment
but its there
come and join and have a chat and a laugh and plz read the rules thank you
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