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PS2 worth getting if i have PC version already


24 October 2006
Caversham, UK
I have purchased the PC version for the first time and have had fun with all the crap server and oddities of the different screen modes. I'm just wondering if its worth getting the PS2 version as well. Are the online problems as bad? Is it just a waste to do so?


Champions League
16 April 2002
PC Version = better graphics if you have a good spec PC, and easier to patch if you so desire.

PS2 Version = No button lag :-)

On Sunday the servers seemed to be behaving ok.


24 May 2005
Shooto said:
PC Version = better graphics if you have a good spec PC, and easier to patch if you so desire.

PS2 Version = No button lag :-)

On Sunday the servers seemed to be behaving ok.

I'll never touch the PC version again. Tried PS2>USB adapter and Logitech controllers and the control with both is horrible. Konami doesn't give a shit about PC users. PS2 version with a decent option for the win!!!!


What are u saying.. I have both games and I think they´re the same. I have an USB/PS2 adapter too and no problems at all. And I can also tell you that if you turn off all the commentary sound and change it to "NO" in the network options and if you play with 640 Low resolution the matches will be lag free. Also the loadings aren´t very long as PS2 ones. In PS2 you can´t play with a lower resolution so you have more lag; when I play online in PS2 I also see some strange frame system, some offline animations doesn´t even happen in PS2 online mode. That doesn´t happen in PC(maybe because I play online with 640 low).

My conclusion is.. Both games are the same I think it´s just personal. For offline playing I would prefer a ps2 to play with my friends in front of a TV, sitted in a sofa drinking some beers. For online purporses I prefer the PC version because you can edit a lot of things wich improve the online play.


25 April 2006
fuck ps2 on line sucks lag every time,the players profiles still abused, since 2 am is more playable.and today i find a guy who won a pescup with gimnastic,heracles and exelchior from holland, and he score 39 goals and suffer 0 in 4 matches, how is this possible???CHEATTTTT


13 November 2006
Online lag for ps2 and controller problems for pc are going to have individual differences for each person so i would not make a judgement based on that.

Base it on what you want from the game, editing wise, online etc. Basically what Shooto said.

If you get butten lag fo pc maybe a decent gamepad is worth investing in.

If you already have pc probably not much point if your enjoying that.


Best player in the world
29 January 2006
Well, id say the PS2 version is much better imo.

I had the PS2 version, but got the PC version, and even though I had the ps2 adapter, it just did not 'feel' the same. Despite all the patch options, I still prefer PS2 version.


13 December 2002
Everton fc
PC version plays much better with a 360 pad, non of the lag you get with ps2 pad adapters, or lag i got with mine anyway.


7 October 2002
After several versions on the PC: PS2 always. PES is about gameplay, and the PS2 simply delivers the best option in that area. Never understood why, version after version, the PC version is always less responsive no matter what controller you use.
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