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PSP Link Up


30 January 2003
I will try it tonight, but i should imagine you just need to connect the psp to the ps2 via your usb cable, then follow the instructions from the ps2 game option menu.
I'll post again once i confirm.


9 April 2004
yup i've done it, just turn both your pes5's on and go to the psp link on the ps2 version and ps2 link on the psp version and it will send the data :) i now have the correct badges and names but only in single player mode


League 2
18 June 2002
Bolton Wanderers
I have done it as well, as above turn ps2 on and psp, link together with usb cable, go into data transfer on ps2 and psp et voila!!
Only thing is though in all the previews it said you could use your psp to train tour master league team but I cant find my master league team on my psp, boooo!!
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The Greatest PES Player..
21 May 2005
is it possible to take my option file from the psp version and copy that to the ps2 version?


Ive seen player appearance Edits Come Across... plus what appears to be boots but I havent seen the decently made Kits come across :( They dont look right.

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