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PSP video

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18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool
PSP video GC 2005

You'll notice the players you control have "P" above their heads instead of "P1"/"P2".

As it's unfinished there's no ref or linesmen, jerky replays and massive glitches on goal celebrations.

But the in game play itself seems flawless :D
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Alberto Tomba

I know and imagine how We9 will be? We9 has abetter flow to its gameplay than PES5's fast gameplay so.....wow can't wait myself extremely amped almost to the point of random ecretions


C Dub
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6 October 2001
Change your sig please Mark, we dont want none of that free ipod shit anywhere on the site.

And the game is out in November
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