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"Pump You Up" Soccer Songs


14 May 2004
Just woondering what songs pump you up to go play soccer....maybe even some past songs in winning eleven or pes games. here are some of mine...

Mano de dios-Rodrigo (Maradona is my hero)
Kill Bill theme
samba song in that old nike commercial with brazil playing through the airport

i know theres more....


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
What about Delia Smith's half-time speech recently?! Has anyone got an mp3 of that? I seem to have missed it when it happened....

As for songs pumping me up to play soccer, according to my football mentality anything from Motorhead to Metallica...


3 August 2003
Most people probably think this is lame but I don't give a pooP. The cup of life by Ricky Martin.
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