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Questions about WE:LE


15 July 2004
north wales (uk)
i know its only a small improvement but i want to see where they might have gone with these two massive gripes i had with pes4,


when your up, they lower your stats and make the other team score, happens soo many times that i lose the will to play for weeks at a time, and i usually quit a game at half time when im up as i know they will cheat and make me hate the game.

the other smaller problem is growth curves,

player declines and ludicrous ages (20 for C. ronaldo, and 22 for adriano being examples)

the balanicng issue is the worst, have they done anything with it, got rid of it (or as i realise ists only a small improvement~) at least tones it down?,

if they dont get rid of it altogether i will prob not buy the game, i mean the pride themselves on realism yet they use rubberband physic that you see in arcade racers!!!!!!!!!


Deadball Master
30 November 2003
My own PS2
first, i have no problems with beating CPU. I suugest you should get some human opponents, it's the way it meant to be played ;)

second, the player growth curve was fixed


15 July 2004
north wales (uk)
yeah i play numans, but motyly enjoy playing master league too and exibitions and not having balancing or cheating for me is one of the most important aspects in deciding whether i should get the game,

had to hear the curves are sorted.

anyone who has similar concerns about balancing and hav enoticed no differeence or some please post : )
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