Quick Step After Receiving Ball ?

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9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
Guys , in PES5 when you used to recieve the ball if you pressed i think it was R1 as soon as the ball was recieved the player would quickly tap the ball ahead of himself allowing for you to burst past defenders . Has this been taken away in PES6 ? I bought the book of moves the other day complete with DVD and cant find it anywhere . It was one of my fav ways of getting in a shooting position with a simple tap . Anyone else know if this has been taken away ? Cheers


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18 March 2006
I know which move you mean. When receiving a pass, you could just press a direction and hold R1, and the player would, with one touch, tap the ball quickly and quite far in that direction and then start sprinting after it.

I have no idea why they removed that move. I used it all the time in PES5, especially good for giving you a good setup for a longshot if you had lots of space in front of goal. I guess they wanted to make it harder to quickly get around defenders and midfielders for shooting opportunities. But I don't see what was wrong with the move and I hate that they removed it.
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