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Rabona Kick & Double Back Heel



I was NEVER able to do the rabona on the other games, and now there is the double back heel (:square: & :l1: ) which doesnt work.

Can someone post of vid outlining exactly how to do them.

Not a vid of it being done, a simple vid running through positions and stuff.

Thanks in advance


Serie A
18 August 2004
Recoba nearly always does a rabona when you play him on the right side of goal :P


I do apologise for being an idiot, i have got confused. How do you do the double back flick ( i can do the back heel thing with back to goal)

The Rabona is near impossible, i just cant do it.

Which is the double back heel thing and how do you do it. do you have a vid link that isnt through speedshare??


Hey guys ho do I view .avi files cosa the school computer won't let me and I cant download any thing. Any tips?

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what's a rabona kick? i don't understand some words of the english but if you mean an bicycle kick or an volley kick


18 October 2005
to do th rabona kick u have to use someone with a really low weak foot frequency (like recoba) and put him in position to shoot using his weak foot (right foot fo recoba) most of the time h'll do it
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