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Red-Card for Goalies



Hey this is the first time I saw Goalies getting sending off. I was using Italy and when Inzaghi is one on one with the keeper, the clumsy keeper foul him and the ref gave the keeper a straight red !!!!!!!!!!:applause:
I am very good at dribbling and passing, so everytime I will have some one on one with the goalkeepers, in WE 9. my friend who is lousier than me always foul me when i am clear at goal, but the ref just give him a yellow for a last-man challenge !!!!!!!now I will trash his butt :applause: \\:o/ \\:o/ :lmao: :lol:


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13 June 2006
Hammarby and Arsenal
yeah I recognize it too 8) . victor valdes rushed out and brought down the attacker. Don't remember whom it was...


28 June 2002
Henley, Oxfordshire
this sounds cool.

has anybody lese witnessed a mass brawl yet ? e.g. not one or two players confronting each other but more of a last man standing king of the ring type of situation

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